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Glacier National Park Model Shoot

Sometimes I like to try new ideas or create images that might be a little to abstract or unusual for most couples. For these ideas I like working with friends and models to try to create more abstract images. As many of you know, I spent many years as a professional nature and landscape photographer.[more…]

My pre wedding photography life

I am going to state something that not a lot of professional photographers would do, photography is not my passion in life. In fact, it never was. My passions involve experiences such as travel, eating, meeting new people, experiencing new things. For me photography started as a means to share those experiences with others, and[more…]

Personal Work: Ice and Light

  I love May when the ice on Lake Dillon near my home starts to melt. But before the ice can completely melt, it usually breaks up first. When this happens the ice get’s pushed around the surface of the water and can end up in big piles on the edges of the lake. In[more…]

Print Exhibition at Sevens Restaurant in Breckenridge

Current exhibition will be on display through mid summer.       Visit Sevens Restaurant at the bottom of the Independence Superchair this winter and spring to see Timothy’s landscape print exhibition. There will be several never before seen prints on display as well as old favorites.  The exhibition will feature new images from Colorado, California,[more…]

Intrepid Photo Contest Award

    I recently received news from Intrepid Travel that my image, Toroweap Point Sunset, won the 2012 Annual Photography Competition for the Landscape category. I made this image a few years ago while spending several days camping at Toroweap point.  Most of the images I shot were pretty disappointing.  The one exception was this evening when there was[more…]

Bridal Portraits in the Landscape

The Landscape as the Main Composition A lot of time when we think of  wedding portraits, we are thinking of close ups of the bride or groom, or group shots of the wedding party.  Our focus tends to be on the human elements of the image.  However, sometimes it is worth while to think outside[more…]

Samantha and Derrick’s Wedding in Leadville, Colorado

It is always fun when you get to show up to a photograph a wedding on cross country skis. Samantha and Derrick had their wedding at the Tennessee Pass Cookhouse over looking Ski Cooper and Leadville, Colorado as well at the fourteener, Mount Elbert. [nggallery id=42] You can view the rest of the photos from[more…]

California Exploits – Climbing, hiking, etc…

I just returned from a recent trip to California.  I went with some of my college climbing partners and spent about two weeks photographing places like Lake Tahoe, Death Valley, the Eastern Sierra Nevada, and Yosemite National Park.  Toss in some hiking and rock climbing and we had a great time.  Below are some of[more…]