Glacier National Park Model Shoot

Glacier Wedding Photo ShootSometimes I like to try new ideas or create images that might be a little to abstract or unusual for most couples. For these ideas I like working with friends and models to try to create more abstract images. As many of you know, I spent many years as a professional nature and landscape photographer. I think that comes through in a lot of my wedding images, but I am always trying to push my creative limits to comes up with new ways to integrate landscape photography with my wedding work.


Creating this image in camera was relatively complicated. It involved shooting on a tripod with a long shutter speed in order to create the blur of the water. It also required the model to lie perfectly still for several seconds. Also, I wanted to be careful not to overexpose the white areas of the water. In order to do that I needed a camera setting that made the model look too dark, so I added an off camera flash controlled with a radio transmitter. The most complicated aspect was the time crunch we were under while working in fading twilight.


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