There are a few things that make vacation rental photography for Airbnb and VRBO different from real estate photography, and it is important to hire a photographer that knowns the difference. For starters, the photos of your property on Airbnb or VRBO are going to be the very first thing your potential guest sees, and first impressions are everything. That is especially true for the first 2-3 photos. It is why we arrange the photos for you with the most impactful photos first.

Next, check out the difference between these phone photos that the host had on their listing, compared to the updated photos we did for the host this year. Hopefully the difference is obvious, and you can see how these kinds of photos impact the first impression.

Host Phone Photo

When creating photos for an vacation rental, every image should be impactful and aspirational. If the photo isn’t inspiring your guest to book a stay, then the photography is not doing it’s job. The majority of the photos on your listing should be of living and cooking areas, because this is where your guests will gather and spend most of their time. The rest of this category should be of exterior of the property.

The next thing we consider is sleeping areas and bathrooms. Airbnb and VRBO both require a photo of each sleeping area. It isn’t enough to simply take a photo of a bedroom, and call it done. We want to make sure each photo depicts a comfortable and inviting bed, and also show the amenities like views, lighting, and sitting spaces. We also know how to present bathrooms at their best, and feature any extras like shampoo and soap that you offer.

Last but not least, we need to show your listing’s amenities, public spaces, and proximity to attractions. If you provide a nice coffee maker with selections of gourmet coffee and tea, we want to show that in the photos. The same goes for things like games, music, and entertainment you provide. If your listing is close to a major attraction, we want to show that too. This is the section that also includes photos of things like fitness centers and pools. Guests will look for those things in the photos before they read about them in your description, so this is a crucial step for getting bookings.

Consider choosing Timothy Faust Photography to photograph your vacation rental listing and elevate it to the next level. The $499 vacation rental photography package includes 35 images and a 2D floor plan. 35 images is the ideal amount of any size listing to meet the search engine optimization requirements for both Airbnb and VRBO algorithms.

In additional to still photography we also offer, aerial photography, videography, and Matterport 3D virtual tours.

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