1. Start by making sure the property is thoroughly cleaned. Pay special attention to windows and reflective surfaces like mirrors and stainless steel.
  2. Make sure all lights are working, and bulbs are the same color. Check lights you might not use often like above the stove. Turn on all lights prior to arrival.
  3. Make sure all window treatments are working. Open all window treatments prior to arrival.
  4. For twilight shoots, make sure any exterior fireplaces are working, and provide direction on how to start them. Interior fireplaces are handled in post production
  5. Make sure any beds are made perfectly. Wrinkles show up pretty dramatically in photos.
  6. Remove any personal items you do not want visible in the photos. Remove cars from driveway. We will only photograph a garage interior if it is particularly marketable. 
  7. Reduce clutter as much as possible. Make sure trash cans are hidden, and kitchen counters are clear of appliances and bathroom vanities and showers are empty. EXCEPTION: if we are doing a vacation rental shoot, leave provided amenities like coffee makers and bath products in place.
  8. We understand that some items cannot easily be moved. We offer a digital decluttering service starting at $25 per image.
  9. Provide a list to photographer of the most marketable features, especially if they aren’t obvious.
  10. In most cases, it is easiest to complete a photo shoot if the house is empty or unoccupied. We budget a set amount of time to complete every shoot, and working around people in a house can prevent us from finishing a shoot in the allotted time, and may result in fewer images than anticipated.

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