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Images from the first Photo Walk of the season

    We recently had the first guided photo walk of the year. We spent two hours in Breckenridge learning about the history and photography. During the walk, I helped the group find a mother fox and her four kits who practically posed for our photographs. All in all it was a great experience for[more…]

My pre wedding photography life

I am going to state something that not a lot of professional photographers would do, photography is not my passion in life. In fact, it never was. My passions involve experiences such as travel, eating, meeting new people, experiencing new things. For me photography started as a means to share those experiences with others, and[more…]

On Photography: Wildlife Photography

A couple of weeks ago, I was photographing in Rocky Mountain National Park and witnessed some disturbing although not surprising behavior.  I spent about an hour moving into position to photograph a grazing elk.  After a few minutes of photographing the elk raised its head in alarm.  I didn’t think I had caused it, and[more…]