Timothy visited the Grand Canyon    5 or 6 times over the years, hiking to the bottom at least three times.  In all, he has spent over a month in the canyon or exploring the rims each time being disappointed with the images he brought back. Then finally he visited Toroweap point when the light was just right to create this image of the Colorado River making its way though the canyon below Toroweap Point and on through Lava Falls right after sunset. (Timothy Faust)


I recently received news from Intrepid Travel that my image, Toroweap Point Sunset, won the 2012 Annual Photography Competition for the Landscape category. I made this image a few years ago while spending several days camping at Toroweap point.  Most of the images I shot were pretty disappointing.  The one exception was this evening when there was just the right amount of clouds in the sky to bounce some gorgeous warm light down to the Colorado River, 3,000 feet below. Toroweap is one of my favorite places in the Grand Canyon.  The rough nearly 100 mile long dirt road keeps all but the most adventurous away.  On a busy day you might see five or six other visitors as opposed to the tens of thousands that flock to the busier South Rim. I won a camera valued at $800USD.  Thank you to the folks at Intrepid Travel.


You can view the other excellent winners from 2012 here.



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