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Personal Work: Ice and Light

  I love May when the ice on Lake Dillon near my home starts to melt. But before the ice can completely melt, it usually breaks up first. When this happens the ice get’s pushed around the surface of the water and can end up in big piles on the edges of the lake. In[more…]

Anatomy of an Image #6

Refelections   I am always on the lookout for interesting or unusual compositions.  This image was shot on a hotel patio where the wedding was held earlier that afternoon.  When I saw the glass partition around the patio during the day, I thought there might be a a chance of using it to capture some[more…]

Who do you shoot for?

Are you photographing for you or your client? If you ask most wedding photographers who they are shooting for, they will undoubtedly respond, “The client, of course.”  If that is your mindset, I hope you take the next few minutes to read this post and allow me to change the way you think about wedding[more…]

Authentic Timeless Wedding Photography

What does it mean when we talk about timeless wedding photography? A lot of people might have the idea that for a photo to be considered timeless it must also be boring.  I disagree.  I think timeless is just the opposite of trendy.  What do I mean by trendy? Trendy photography incorporates the current fads.  That[more…]

Anatomy of an Image #5

Father and Daughter Outside of the Church  I mentally build my images in terms of layers.  I often start my images from the stand point of light.  If I have good light, then I look for a good background, something that frames and brings out the subject.  Then I place the subject into the light,[more…]