Syncing Multiple Cameras



When shooting a wedding with multiple cameras, inevitably the internal clocks in the cameras become out of sync.  It is always best to sync the cameras at the start of each day, but every one in a while I forget, and the result is that the images from multiple cameras end up out of order.

Here is a simple solution:


  1. At some point during the wedding, I will take a photo of the back of one camera
    in the time setting mode with each of the other cameras.
  2. Then after importing all the images into Lightroom, I can choose to display and select the images from one camera at a time in the Library module grid view.
  3. I find the image of the camera back and note the time.
  4. Then I simply click Metadata from the menu and select “Change capture time”
  5. The original time is displayed in the popup window, then I simply look at the time displayed in the image of the camera and change the corrected time to match.
  6. Click change all, it Lightroom will change the capture time by the same amount on each photo.
  7. Simple as that, all the images will be within the correct chronological order down to a single second.

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