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Laura and David’s Breckenridge Wedding

 Spring Breckenridge Wedding     Venue: Beaver Run ResortLocation: Breckenridge, ColoradoFlowers: Petal & Bean  Laura and David asked me to photograph their Breckenridge wedding in the spring.  June is one of my favorite times of the year to photograph weddings here in Breckenridge.  The summer rains haven’t arrived yet, and the aspens have just budded.  They were[more…]

Anatomy of an Image #4

Window Light Portrait in Tibet  Many of you mostly know me as a wedding photographer.  Many years ago, I also worked quite a bit doing adventure travel photographer for magazines like Outside and National Geographic Adventure. While spending nearly two months traveling in Asia, I made a number or portraits throughout Tibet, China, and Nepal. Sometimes[more…]

Anatomy of an Image #3

Technical Images   90% of my wedding images don’t use a lot of specialty equipment.  The vast majority of images are capture with nothing more than the camera and the right choice of lens.  The image at the right is one of the exceptions. Even though I don’t shoot with a lot of extra gear,[more…]

Caribbean Destination Wedding Shoot

Carin and I are always thinking about wedding photography. Often times we get to travel to a new place for the purpose of photographing a destination wedding. Sometimes we are just travelling for fun. Last month, we visited several Caribbean Islands, including Puerto Rico. We weren’t there for a wedding, but we still wanted to[more…]

Wedding photos that matter

 It is easy as a photographer to get lost in the process of photography and forget what really matters when it comes to the wedding images. At the typical wedding we bring assistants, second photographers, and tens of thousands of dollars in cameras and lenses in order to create the perfect image. I do believe[more…]

Anatomy of an Image #2

Upset Flower Girl One of the main reasons I love photographing with two photographers is for photos like this. At this wedding my assistant, Nate, was working creating formal portraits with some of the family members.  With many studios, the primary photographer handles the formal portraits while the assistant photographs candids and details, but that[more…]

Anatomy of an Image #1

Anatomy of an Image I decided to start writing a serious of blog entries describing the thought process of what goes into a single image from a wedding shoot. I want readers to understand where I was coming from creatively and what went into the image technically. My goal is to explain an image every[more…]

My New Years Resolution

  It is said that a photographer must not only be their own biggest fan, but also their own biggest critic.  I have found that this can be a difficult to balance.  The inability to be critical of one’s own work, is one of the biggest obstacles new photographers face.  It is hard to improve when you never see[more…]

Destination Weddings: Backing up in the Field

Importance of Backing up One of my biggest fears would be to somehow lose someone’s wedding photos while en route back to Colorado from where ever their destination wedding was. About a year ago, I wrote a very in depth blog entry regarding  image backup and protection in the office. Of course that requires that the images[more…]