It is easy as a photographer to get lost in the process of photography and forget what really matters when it comes to the wedding images. At the typical wedding we bring assistants, second photographers, and tens of thousands of dollars in cameras and lenses in order to create the perfect image. I do believe in creating incredible artistic images that make people look their best; however, just creating beautiful images is not enough.

My goal is to also make images that are absolutely timeless.  For that I create images that show genuine emotion from the day.  I can’t imagine a couple that will look back at their album in 20 or 30 years and say, “Wow, wasn’t the lighting great in these photos?” I try to create images that will allow couples to look back in 20 years and relive personal emotions and memories of loved ones.

The following are some of my favorite images of timeless moments during weddings. In most of these the subjects were not even aware that a camera was there.  The only set up that was done on any of these was to create situations that allow true emotion and interaction to happen. 

[nggallery id=30]

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