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Sara and Paul’s Vail, Colorado Wedding

Sara and Paul traveled from Phoenix, Arizona last week for their gorgeous Vail, Colorado wedding. This was another couple that really let me experiment with some ideas that I had, and a result, I think we got some amazing photos. From portraits among the wildflowers in Officer’s Gulch, just outside of Frisco, to an amazing[more…]

Top 10 Best Wedding Photojournalism Images

I love combining light, props, and scenery to construct a perfect image in front of the camera, but my real passion is wedding photojournalism. Its about finding and capturing the emotional moments that people will remember for years. Sometimes with a little luck along with the ability to anticipate when a moment is going to[more…]

Wedding in Nepal: part 1

I love weddings. I know a lot of photographers that get burnt out on photographing weddings, or only do them because “they pay the bills.” Personally, I can’t get enough. All weddings are cultural events. Often the weddings we attend share a culture similar to our own, and the best we can hope for is[more…]

Wedding in Nepal: part 2

<== Read Part 1 The concept of a love marriage versus an arranged marriage seems to be of a lot more interest to foreigners than it is to Nepalis. One person I talked to accused American parents of being un loving for not trying harder to find the right spouse for their children. I had[more…]

Samantha and Derrick’s Wedding in Leadville, Colorado

It is always fun when you get to show up to a photograph a wedding on cross country skis. Samantha and Derrick had their wedding at the Tennessee Pass Cookhouse over looking Ski Cooper and Leadville, Colorado as well at the fourteener, Mount Elbert. [nggallery id=42] You can view the rest of the photos from[more…]

Derrick and Samantha’s Engagement Session

Derrick and Samantha asked me if I would be willing to get up at 3:30 in the morning and drive out to Leadville, Colorado to do their engagement photos at sunrise in the subfreezing temperatures just because the light would be better. My answer, “Heck Yeah!” It’s rare that anyone cares as much about the[more…]

Lily and Charlie

Lily and Charlie are an amazing couple from California who chose to get married out here in Colorado.  There wedding was at a golf course in Keystone and everything was perfect.  The weather and light were great for photography.  They had the rehearsal dinner on a ranch with a western theme. The wedding was coordinated[more…]

Amber and Kerby’s Wedding

Asheville, North Carolina I met Amber for the first time a few years ago here in Colorado.  When she asked me to photograph her wedding in North Carolina, I couldn’t wait.  They had it at Sherill’s Inn just outside of Asheville.  There ceremony was held on this large rock in the middle of an apple[more…]