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My News Years Resolution

Happy New Year, everyone. OK, in addition to being less nerdy. I have some more serious resolutions for 2012. In addition to the usual resolutions such as to ski and ride my bike more, loose weight, and spend more time with my family, this year I want to pay special attention to my art.

Wedding in Nepal: part 1

I love weddings. I know a lot of photographers that get burnt out on photographing weddings, or only do them because “they pay the bills.” Personally, I can’t get enough. All weddings are cultural events. Often the weddings we attend share a culture similar to our own, and the best we can hope for is[more…]

Wedding in Nepal: part 2

<== Read Part 1 The concept of a love marriage versus an arranged marriage seems to be of a lot more interest to foreigners than it is to Nepalis. One person I talked to accused American parents of being un loving for not trying harder to find the right spouse for their children. I had[more…]

Tripod Trepidations

Anyone who knows me from my writing or has attended one of my photography workshops, knows that I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to using a tripod.  In fact, I would rather have a good tripod than a good camera.  A tripod is one of the few toys you  can purchase[more…]

Living the Dream and Remembering to Work

People walk in to my shop in Breckenridge every day and remind me how lucky I am to be able to live the dream and turn my passion in to my profession, and they are absolutely correct. In reality, I don’t need any reminder as to how lucky I am. Photography has brought me into[more…]

Faces of the Himalaya Show January 9th, 2009 at Altitude Gallery.

I love the mountains and the outdoors, but my favorite thing about travelling (aside from eating exotic foods) is getting a chance to meet with people from different cultures around the world. Before leaving for Asia, I had planned on photographing landscapes, mountains, rivers, and ancient monasteries. However, after a few days of travelling through[more…]

My favorite wedding

I was recently speaking with a fellow photographer regarding our favorite weddings.  It is actually something I hadn’t thought about before, but I it turns out I didn’t have to think long.  My favorite wedding was one I wasn’t even invited to much less had a plan for photographing. Last spring I had spent a[more…]