My News Years Resolution

Happy New Year, everyone. OK, in addition to being less nerdy. I have some more serious resolutions for 2012. In addition to the usual resolutions such as to ski and ride my bike more, loose weight, and spend more time with my family, this year I want to pay special attention to my art.


Aspens and sun from below. Ultra Limited Edition of 25 Prints. Please call (970) 453-2192 for availability. (Timothy Faust, Timothy Faust)

In particular, I want to dedicate more time to creative concepts in wedding photography. Two conceptual ideas I really started incorporating into my wedding photography in 2011 was the use of lines and reflections, and this year, my goal is to further develop that concept. I’m no stranger to the use of leading lines in my landscape photography, and I intent to work on integrating the idea of leading lines into my wedding photography.  Lines allow a photographer to draw attention to a specific focal point of an image, either by leading in to that point or by isolating it.



Moonrise and reflections in Monument Valley in Arizona. (Timothy Faust)The other concept I want to work on is building more reflections into my images. This is another concept that I understand well from my nature photography, but I have only recently began incorporating into my wedding photography. I don’t know what it is about a reflection that is so magical, but regardless of the subject, reflections make photographs more interesting.  My goal for 2012 is to try to incorporate more reflections and lines into my wedding images like the ones below.


Lines and Reflections in Wedding Images

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