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Choosing Your Clients

How are you Choosing your Clients? Photographers put a lot of time and energy in to getting clients to choose them, but how much effort do most of you photographers put in to choosing your clients? After talking to a lot of my colleagues, I have concluded that most do none at all. I don’t[more…]

Wedding in Nepal: part 1

I love weddings. I know a lot of photographers that get burnt out on photographing weddings, or only do them because “they pay the bills.” Personally, I can’t get enough. All weddings are cultural events. Often the weddings we attend share a culture similar to our own, and the best we can hope for is[more…]

Wedding in Nepal: part 2

<== Read Part 1 The concept of a love marriage versus an arranged marriage seems to be of a lot more interest to foreigners than it is to Nepalis. One person I talked to accused American parents of being un loving for not trying harder to find the right spouse for their children. I had[more…]

Mari and Grace’s Engagement Session

When Mari and Grace asked me to photograph their engagement session photos in Denver I was excited. I have become known for my outdoor adventure photography, and it seems most couples want to do their engagement photos with me on mountain bikes or skis. Of course I am not complaining since I happen to jump[more…]

Staying Creative

People always tell me how lucky I am to be living in such a photogenic place; and they are quite right.  I am really lucky to be able to live in the mountains of Colorado, but even up here I can go through spells of feeling uncreative and out of ideas, a sort of “photographer’s[more…]

Images with Meaning (From Summit Daily News, May 16, 2008)

This will be my forth summer in Colorado and my seventh year working as a professional photographer.  This will hopefully mark the first of many articles on photography I will be writing on a weekly basis to the readers of the Summit Daily.  Hopefully my weekly photography tips and tricks will lead you to create[more…]