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Destination Weddings: Backing up in the Field

Importance of Backing up One of my biggest fears would be to somehow lose someone’s wedding photos while en route back to Colorado from where ever their destination wedding was. About a year ago, I wrote a very in depth blog entry regarding  image backup and protection in the office. Of course that requires that the images[more…]

Photographing in Boring Locations

10 Tips for Photographing in Boring Locations I am very fortunate that I get to photograph weddings in some of the most amazing and gorgeous locations in the world. However, every once in a while I end up photographing a wedding that isn’t on a California beach or the mountains of Colorado or Nepal. In[more…]

Capture the moment?

“Capture the Moment” is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot by wedding photographers. In my opinion it is used far too much, to the point where I have even seen new photographers use it in the name of their businesses. When I ask photographers why they use it so frequently, I usually get[more…]

Image backup and Protection

Regular readers of my blog know how I feel helping emerging photographers find their way is my way of giving back to the photographic community. I regular answer questions regarding photographing in several forums across the internet. Recently, I cam across this post: My external hard drive crashed, how can I get the pictures off?[more…]

Choosing Your Clients

How are you Choosing your Clients? Photographers put a lot of time and energy in to getting clients to choose them, but how much effort do most of you photographers put in to choosing your clients? After talking to a lot of my colleagues, I have concluded that most do none at all. I don’t[more…]

How to Price Photography

[pull_quote_right] When a couple is choosing a photographer, they don’t always understand that a more experienced photographer is going to deliver a lot more images in the same amount of time. Asking them to hire by the hour is not conveying to them what they are actually getting. [/pull_quote_right]One of the most common questions I[more…]

Why Watermark

Someone wrote to me today and asked me why I watermark my images. They asked if just limiting online posting to lo-res images was enough. I guess the answer depends on knowing why I watermark images in the first place. If you aren’t familiar with the term, watermarking refers to putting the copyright symbol and[more…]