Jennifer and Said’s engagement photo session in Breckenridge, Colorado
Jennifer and Said in the Aspens

Jenifer and Said contacted me through my website about photographing their wedding next summer and their engagement photos this fall. We were originally planning on photographing on the Front Range, but due to the flooding, we moved things up to Breckenridge just in time to see the leaves starting to turn. The weather was still pretty crummy, but they were good sports and we made the best of it. It was actually pretty fun photographing them in the rain.

They had mentioned to me, that they wanted some photos with their bikes because they enjoyed biking. Anyone that knows Carin and I personally knows they we also like to ride. On a typical week in the summer I will get in between 50 and 100 miles, and this past year I started racing mountain bikes. But if I love biking, these two REALLY love biking. It turns out that it is more than just a hobby for them. Jennifer is a Cat 2 racer, and Said was just a few points away. For non cyclists out there, Cat 2 is a big deal. Unfortunately due to the rain we couldn’t get photos of them actually riding their bikes, but we did make sure to get a couple of posed shots in there.  

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