Diane and Joe’s Basalt, Colorado Wedding

Venue: Aspen High Mountain Ranch
Location: Basalt, Colorado

Diane and Joe are high school teachers that love to spend their summer’s fishing. In fact, they own Sasquatch Fly Fishing Adventures, out of Estes Park. They spent an afternoon in Estes this summer teaching Carin and I how to fly fish and they really know their stuff. They also know how to have an amazing and fun wedding.
They picked Basalt for their wedding location. Basalt is located near the intersection of some of their favorite rivers, the Roaring Fork, the Frying Pan, and the Crystal, between the towns of Carbondale and Aspen, Colorado. 

My favorite thing about their wedding was how laid back and fun everything was, while still maintaining an incredible attention to detail. It must be the organizational skills that all teachers must have. I also loved that they decided to do a little fishing together before their ceremony.


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