Why are we using disks?
Thumb drive and box


I got to thinking the other day, and I asked myself, “Why are we still providing images to clients on disks?” I realized how long it is been since I have personally bought anything on a disk. I buy music straight from iTunes. I can stream movies directly to me TV, and when I want to buy software, I download it straight to my computer. There is certainly an argument that clients prefer something physical in their hands, and I get that. However, all of our wedding photography packages include a custom designed album hand crafted in Italy.
After thinking it over, starting in 2014, we are switching from disks to digital downloads. It means you will get your images even faster, and by eliminating the environmental impact of disks, packaging, and shipping. We really think most of our clients will love this, but it not we are adding a new add-on item to our packages that we think you are going to love. Next year, when you book a wedding with us, you will be able to purchase all of you images preloaded on to a custom engraved Apple iPad starting at $599.
To get the iPad kick off started, if you book a Gold or Platinum Collection wedding between now and November 30th, 2013, the iPad is completely free. [read more…]

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