Venue: The V3 Ranch

Catering: Ridge Street Kitchen
I have to say, I really like Jim and Lindsay right of the bat.  We had a lot in common.  For starters, just like my wife and I, Jim and Lindsay are also from the Chicago suburbs.  Jim is a chemical engineer, and Lindsay is a school teacher.  I spent the first few years out of college as a chemistry teacher, so I am pretty familiar with both fields. Jim is also a photographer, and really appreciated the out of the box ideas that I sometimes have.  Jim is also an amateur photographer, so we had something else in common.
Lindsay and Jim had a really well balance schedule with a lot of padding to account for the unforeseeable delays that happen in every wedding.  It made the entire day relaxing and stress free. One of the things that I really liked about this wedding was Lindsay’s two dresses.  The dress she wore for the ceremony was the same dress her mother and her grandmother was married in. I loved the idea of three generations sharing the one dress.  However in order to preserve the dress and have something a little more modern for dancing, she changed into a new dress that was equally as lovely for the reception.  All in all, a really fun day in Breckenridge.


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