A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of photographing Jessica and Evan’s Breckenridge wedding.  These are some of the photos.

img_0517.jpg    _mg_0603.jpg    _mg_0344-edit-2.jpg    _mg_0120.jpg    _mg_0013.jpg

The wedding and reception was at the Hearthstone Restaurant here in town.  It was a small intimate gathering, and it was a lot of fun.  Jessica and Evan are a really outgoing couple from

Oklahoma, and really let me experiment with some different photographic ideas. This particular image was one of my favorites from the day.  We actually did this shot in the bathroom.  We moved a chair in front of the shower, and I ended up standing over the toilet.  We had such great light coming through the window, but we only had a few minutes to play with it.  I had Jess drape the shower curtain over her left shoulder for this image, and I think it worked really well.  I think living here in the mountains, the tendency is to look for great backgrounds, but this image shows that the quality of the light is more important than the location.

_mg_0344-edit-2.jpg Jess in front of the shower.

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