Tom and Hollie are awesome.  How do I define awesome?  Well part of it is when I suggested we do some of the formal portrait in a bathtub, Hollie thought it was a great idea.  Or, when I though we should get the band involved and get the couple to play some instruments while I photographed them and Tom loved it.  A lot of people cringe at the though of formals becuase they can remember a photographer telling them to “line up and smile.”  That’s one way to do it, but it sure isn’t the only way.  With the right photographer, formals can be different and fun.  Heck, I even did a couple of formals of the bride late in the evening while waiting to meet everyone at the Gold Pan Saloon.

hannahs-0419.jpg     hannahs-0866.jpg     hannahs-0940.jpg     hannahs-0395.jpg     hannahs-0381.jpg     hannahs-0363.jpg     hannahs-0859.jpg

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