The Big Pictures

I understand that for most couples, their wedding might be their first time hiring a professional photographer. I also understand that it is a pretty significant investment and you might want some assurance that you are getting what you paid for. That is why I implemented my 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy back in 2015. It’s pretty straight forward. When you first receive a link to your proofs, you may either accept your photos as is, request revisions, or reject them completely and receive a full refund. 

The Fine Print

You can request as many revisions as you like, but you will not be able to receive your album or digital downloads until you are satisfied with the photos. In other words, you can’t approve the photos, and then request a refund after receiving your album or high res downloads. I really did create this to be a fair way of handling any what might happen if your expectations are not completely met. Please feel free to reach out through our contact page if you have more questions.